US suspends Govt-19 test requirement for air travelers entering the country

The move, first reported by CNN, will take effect at midnight on Sunday.

The Biden management plans to work with airlines to ensure a smooth transition with this change, but this will be a welcome move for most in the industry, the official said.

Travel officials have been increasingly critical of demand in recent weeks, and have directly urged the Biden administration to end the move, arguing that this could have a cooling effect on an already weak economy, said Nick Galio, chairman of Airlines for America. With White House officials.

The travel industry and some scientists say the policy has been out of date for months.

Legislators, including Democrats, have been arguing in recent weeks to eliminate the need.

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortes Masto said, “I am pleased that the CDC has stopped the need for corona virus testing for international travelers and will do everything I can for the strong recovery of our hospitality industry.”

White House officials met with Department of Transportation officials last month, urging the Biden administration to conduct a corona virus test before vaccinated international travelers fly to the United States.

Its members, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines, said in a statement that they hoped more foreigners would come to the United States if the requirements were removed.

In mid-May, domestic travel fell within 7 percent of pre-epidemic levels, but international travel was 14% behind, the trade association told CNN.

Roger Dow, president and CEO of the American Travel Association, praised the decision.

“Prior to the epidemic, travel was one of our nation’s largest industrial exports. Eliminating this need will help lead the industry toward a broader U.S. economy and job recovery,” Dow said in a statement.

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The policy has been criticized by the industry as being out of date for months, and some medical experts have questioned its usefulness.

For Dr. William Schaffner, an epidemiologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, it doesn’t make much sense to test international visitors.

“We have a lot of govt because I’ve been confused about it for a long time! It’s not like we’ve trying to get the govt out,” Schaffner told CNN in March. “It’s already here.”

This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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