Warriors-Celtics Predictions, Selection, Contradictions, Distribution, Rank 5 for the 2022 NBA Finals

Shares could not be higher than they were at Game 5 on Monday night of the 2022 NBA Final between. Boston Celtics And Golden State Warriors. In the first four games of the series, both teams won alternately, with the Celtics taking 1 and 3 games and the Warriors winning 2 and 4 games. The 5th game will continue as the series is tied with two wins. A long way to go to determine the ultimate winner. The teams that draw the fifth game of the top seven series 2-2 win more than 80 percent of that series.

If the Warriors are to take a 3-2 lead, they will need a few men to get around Steff Curry, who has played tremendously throughout the series. Curry’s 43-point performance in Game 4 was a masterpiece, but if the Warriors are going to win their fourth ring under Steve Kerr, Drymond Green, Clay Thompson and Jordan Pool need to do more.

On the other hand, the Celtics’ success depends on their ability to slow down – something they have not yet achieved. Maybe catching him and getting the ball out of his hands is the way to go. This is a strategy that should at least be tried. Also, Boston need to take care of the ball. The Celtics have only played 1-6 in 15 or more off-spin games this season. Conversely, they are 13-2 when their turnover is 14 or less.

Considering all the risks, Game 5 should be a very competitive competition. I am leaning towards Boston because of its bizarre ability to always recover after losses. Here is how our panel of experts sees it.

How To Watch Game 5 Live

  • Game: NBA Finals, Game 5
  • Date: Monday, June 13 | 9pm ET
  • Location: Chase Center – San Francisco, California
  • TV: ABC | Live Stream: fuboTV (Get access now)
  • Contradictions: BOS +145; GS-170; O / U 212 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

Special game | Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors

Warriors prediction against Celtics, Game 5 selections

Bill Writer: The Celtics are younger, more athletic, deeper, better at defense and have significantly more resilience and better basketball since changing their season at the end of January. But they don’t have Stephen Curry. Also, as we saw in Game 4, they can’t stop him. Clay Thompson found his footing somewhat, Kevon Looney quietly played late in this final, and there is still time for Tremond Green to make the impact we all expected. But the fact that it’s just noise is the background music makes Carrie a historically great player, and as he was in Boston a few nights ago, he’s not going to let him lose Game 5 regardless of his supporting cast. Choice: Golden State-3.5 | Warriors 112, Celtics 107

Brad Podkin: I chose Boston to win at seven, but it did not beat Game 5. The curry is so hot, and I think the clay, ready to explode, the clay with the extensions, goes back home. Tremond should be better. I bank on it. At this point in the series, I don’t think the adjustment will make much of a difference. Some surprises remain. I’m curious how long Boston Curry is going to drop (even if they try to start taller), but if that changes, it might ignite the green into a 4-on-3 playmaker. Shoot him in self defense. Something to see. Anyway, I think Golden State will win this. Now the curry is overcooked. Choice: Golden State-3.5 | Warriors 102, Celtics 95

James Herbert: Boston’s choice. Every time this team loses it rises again, and more specifically, it rises again in crime. I expect it to be more like Game 3 than Game 4, especially when it comes to the playmaking of Jason Totem. (If I make a mistake as Steff goes back to the woods, awesome!) Choice: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 114, Warriors 103

Michael Kasky-Plomine: Its In fact It’s hard to pick against Steff Curry, no matter how well he played in the series, but his supporting cast are at least contradictory to say the least. Curry can only do so much, especially if Boston changes its defense to get the ball out of Carrie’s hands, making it difficult to trust those around him to do the job at this point. In addition, Boston have been at a loss this past season because it went 7-0 under such circumstances. Jason Tottam, in particular, has stepped up his game following the Boston defeats and can be expected to do the same in Game 5. Choice: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 106, Warriors 100

Sam Quinn: Both teams in the series have reached the stage of getting to know each other. We know what cycles look like. They learned game books from each other. There are not many surprises here. Here’s one thing we’re somewhat certain about: Golden State can control Jason Tatum and Jaylan Brown … but Boston can do nothing to stop Stephen Charlie. Many things can play a game. A team’s role players can make significantly more shots. Maybe a team can come in line more often. There are no guarantees in the NBA Finals, but with four games in the books, I take the only constant this series has given us: Curry. Choice: Golden State-3.5 | Warriors 110, Celtics 101

Colin Ward-Henninger: Usually at this point in the final series, you can start throwing tricks and adjustments out the window, but that is not necessary here. Steve Kerr is still playing with the loops, and his choice to split between Diamond Green and Kevon Looney was effective in Game 4. The Warriors’ half-court offense isn’t good, even with Steff Curry’s exploits, but Jordan Poole seems to be changing. In a corner they get more in Game 5 from Otto Porter. The Celtics played well on the road and after the losses, but Golden State knows how important it is to win this game back to Boston. Give me the warriors. Choice: Golden State-3.5 | Golden State 109, Boston 105

Jasmine Wimpish: Steph Curry was an electrician in Game 4, but the Warriors needed his absolute best to win. The production of Clay Thompson, Tremond Green and Andrew Wiggins was very random in the Golden State, although at the Chase Center I now have a little more faith in the Celtics. I go with them to win. Choice: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 110, Warriors 105

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