Xbox responds to PlayStation price hike

What do you want to know?

  • The PlayStation 5 is Xbox’s primary competitor in the console gaming space.
  • Today, Sony announced that the PS5 will receive a price hike in key markets including Japan and the UK
  • Microsoft released a statement to us saying it has no plans to follow suit.

Today, Sony released an unexpected surprise in the video game industry Raised prices of PlayStation 5 in several major markets. In some regions the price increase is 20% or more. The company cited economic stress and inflation as key drivers of its decision.

Since that announcement, Xbox fans and commentators from across the gaming sphere have been surprised Microsoft will follow suit With Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Microsoft has gained a lot of ground in the current console generation by focusing on value. Xbox Game PassAnd very affordable Xbox Series S, which targets 1080p while bringing next-generation speeds. One could argue that Microsoft raising its console prices at a time when families are struggling in a tough economy would blow a hole in that argument, and Microsoft seems to agree.

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